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Some suggestions for your Photo Session with VISIO photography:

1. Try to be relaxed as you prepare for the session.  (I know easier said than done.)   Relaxed people photograph VERY well.  Relaxed, happy families make for relaxed and happy children!  We’re going to have a good time and we’re going to great some rockin' images!  Smile!

2. Humor is always a good way to relax everyone.  Laughter is good for the soul.

3. We strongly discourage any extra guests or family to be at the session.  The extra distraction and added relationship dimension is best avoided during the session.

4. We also discourage scaring or bribing younger children into “smiling for the photographer" at the session.  Tell them we're going to have fun!  We want natural smiles, and natural looks from your child.  We want to see the true child – smiles, laughter, serious looks, pouts and all!

5. For clothing, we recommend solid colors.  For more than one child, It is NOT necessary to match.  But consider colors that compliment each other. Avoid busy patterns like stripes, plaid, paisley or polka dots - they tend to compete with faces.  Also bring a very fun and colorful shirt or sweater, if you'd like.  Timeless clothing choices such as solid color shirts, off-white linen dresses, or khakis are excellent choices.  Most of the time, we suggest avoiding bright, white shirts too.  These tend to draw the eye away from the face.  For some clothing combination suggestions, feel free to download our VISIO Style Guide here.

6. Comfort is important for children as well.  Starched, itchy clothing will not only look stiff on the picture, but will make people unhappy as well.  Our style of photography seeks to capture your personalities through his/her face, eyes, smile, or pout.  Clothing is not important –other than not to distract from the child.  Formal attire is discouraged, unless we're going for certain cool look.

7. Shoes are optional.  A great look in relaxed portraiture is going barefoot. If this is the look you are going for, it can definitely add to the casual appearancce of the images.  Discuss this with your family so if you decide to go barefoot, then everyone should wear shoes easy to remove.

8. If you have a favorite hat, scarf, clutch, and/or other accessories (especially really colorful items!) that you feel may add to the session and reflect something about you and your family, feel free to bring them.  We occassionally use items in shots for a personal touch for families.


As always, we are more than open to new ideas for portraits. Call or email us any time if you have any questions or would loke to setup a consultation...

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